Other projects that we support, from smaller initiatives to past grantees.




Undoing Racism Initiative

Recognizing that structural racism presents a massive barrier to progress in the Baltimore community, the Deutsch Foundation began hosting Undoing Racism workshops facilitated by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond in 2015. These intensive 20-hour events challenge participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity, and prepare them to be effective organizers for justice.


The Digital Access Equity Report in Baltimore City

The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation and Media Democracy Fund commissioned The Raben Group, a national public affairs firm, to conduct a series of interviews on digital equity issues in Baltimore City and the surrounding area. Interviewees included leaders from the government, nonprofit, and private sectors. More specifically, interviewees included: political appointees and career staff within the Mayor’s office; individuals from the public health community; policymakers and technologists from the public school system; real estate and economic development experts; leaders at tech and makerspace organizations; executives from nonprofit and community based organizations (in areas such as education, housing, child care, and the arts); and small business owners.

Downloadable PDF of the Report

Believe in Music

Believe in Music provides innovative music education experiences for Baltimore youth through state-of-the-art production technology and self-expression. The program helps students develop into artists, introducing them to professionals in the music industry, and exposing them to educational and employment opportunities.


Neighborhood Design Center

The Neighborhood Design Center provides access to pro bono planning and design services to over 3,000 community initiatives in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. Since 1968, NDC has helped underserved communities build new playgrounds, reclaim vacant lots and abandoned buildings, revitalize commercial districts, create community master plans, and beautify their neighborhoods.


Baltimore Brew

Baltimore Brew is an independent daily news website, staffed by veteran journalists committed to providing fresh, fair, insightful and reliable reporting about Baltimore. A fixture in Baltimore since 2010, The Brew specializes in aggressive accountability reporting – looking at campaign cash, development deals, government spending, city services, and more.


Media Democracy Fund

The Media Democracy Fund develops strategies and builds networks that protect and expand essential rights in the digital age. They are a vital catalyst for an open, accessible and secure Internet. The Deutsch Foundation is partnering with MDF on a three-year effort to conduct research, assess needs, and create a holistic digital equity plan for Baltimore City. 



AKIMBO Dance Festival was an annual festival of site-specific dance and movement art in Station North Arts and Entertainment District, which began in 2012. Each annual AKIMBO showcased more than 100 dancers, musicians and artists performing in restaurants, galleries, parks, and on street corners.


Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance

The GBCA is a membership and service organization that nurtures and promotes a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable arts and cultural community essential to the region’s economic success and quality of life. Created by cultural leaders and artists in 2001 to work toward common goals, GBCA convenes the sector around critical issues of strategic importance. Programming includes grants and awards for artists, as well as advocacy, professional development, tools for marketing, and capacity building, while ensuring that the creative economy thrives and is recognized for its many contributions to the region’s economic success. Membership includes arts, culture, history, heritage, humanities organizations, attractions and artists in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties in Maryland.


Arts & Technology Policy Fellowship at Fractured Atlas

The Robert W. Deutsch Arts & Technology Policy Fellowship at Fractured Atlas informed and engaged the artistic community in federal policy discussions at the junction of communications, technology and the arts. Courtney Duffy was the Robert W. Deutsch Arts & Technology Policy Fellow for 2015-16. In this role, Duffy was responsible for informing and engaging the artistic community in federal policy discussions at the junction of communications, technology and the arts.


Allosphere at UC-Santa Barbara

Imagine diagnosing a neurological disease by flying through the cortex of a human brain, examining brain activity through data presented beautifully with color and sound. Imagine creating transparent solar cells to power mobile devices by expanding our understanding of the multicenter hydrogen bond, using different hues and sounds to identify the various atoms.

These are among the cutting-edge research projects the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation supported at the University of California, Santa Barbara to explore the intersection of engineering, science, technology and art. The Foundation funded five graduate fellowships in the Media Arts and Technology program to pursue work conducted between the university's Experimental Visualization Lab and the AlloSphere Research Facility. The former, led by Professor George Legrady, focuses on data visualization, computational photography and arts-engineering collaboration; the latter is a 30-foot diameter immersive sphere built within a three-story cube, which allows for analysis of large data sets in a virtual simulation of full sensorial perception.


BioFab at University of Maryland College Park

Researchers at the University of Maryland are creating microscale living laboratories to investigate biochemical reaction pathways and biological nanofactories capable of initiating communications among bacteria in a major, multidisciplinary research program in biofabrication. Their work is part of the emerging field of nanoscale biotechnology that aims to create new technologies for the development of drugs, the detection of disease and the delivery of therapeutics within living organisms.

The Deutsch Foundation supported post-doctoral and graduate fellows to work in biofab-research programs and collaborate across their respective disciplines, supplying early stage support for these fellows so that they and their faculty mentors could build out a base of research that could attract larger grants from federal agencies and other funders.



Createquity is a research-backed investigation of the most important issues in the arts and what we, collectively and individually, can do about them. Founded in October 2007 by Ian David Moss, Createquity rapidly gained acclaim from readers across the web and has been called “the strongest, most provocative, well-connected arts [blog] that exists today” and “so amazingly good it’s almost in its own category of resource.” Once a one-person shop, Createquity now boasts a full-fledged editorial team and has published work by nearly 50 writers. 


Urban Teachers

Urban Teachers, formerly named Urban Teacher Center, was founded in 2009 to solve a critical challenge in urban education: new teacher quality. They built a break-the-mold teacher preparation program from the ground up to ensure every teacher would get the experiences and support they need to produce results with students.

Urban Teachers began in two of the highest-need districts in the nation: Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. Since 2010, they have welcomed more than 500 aspiring teachers for district and charter schools in both cities. Urban Teachers provides urban students with the high-quality education they deserve by preparing a great teacher, every time.


The 6th Branch

The 6th Branch utilizes the leadership and organizational skills of military veterans to execute aggressive community service initiatives in Baltimore City. They believe that the military skill set is ideal for the initiation and organization of community projects. Their organization aims to empower veterans by utilizing the characteristics typically strengthened through military service, such as a sense of mission, a dedication to duty, and a love of country. They build community by bringing together service-minded veterans and civilians to serve our community on the home front.


Young Audiences of Maryland

The local affiliate of Young Audiences, the nation's largest education network, envisions a Maryland where the arts are valued for their capacity to transform lives. Through culturally diverse arts programs within the schools, Young Audiences partners with professional artists from across disciplines to bring hands-on arts learning experiences into the classroom.