Open Works serves as an incubator for Baltimore’s creative economy by providing affordable working studios and access to state of the art production facilities for artists, crafters, creative professionals, and small manufacturing companies. Open Works makes tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to Baltimore’s creative makers.

Open Works sits in the heart of one of Baltimore’s original manufacturing districts, a stone’s throw from the old Crown Cork and Seal complex and the former Lebow Brothers Clothing factory. Their mission is to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to all. They accomplish that mission through affordable membership access to tools; low-cost studio space; and a wide variety of educational programs for both young people and adults. This is part of a broad-based grassroots economic development strategy aimed at growing jobs and opportunity for all of Baltimore's citizens.

"Open Works is one of the largest independent nonprofit makerspaces in the United States, with a mission to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to all," says Will Holman, General Manager at Open Works.

"With the anchor investment of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Open Works has been able to provide 28 living-wage jobs; serve over 1,000 young people with our education programs over the last year; open a weekly farmer's market; and begin building deep, authentic relationships with our neighbors in Greenmount West and beyond. We are prototyping a new kind of civic infrastructure, one that goes beyond the traditional definition of what a makerspace can and should be -- exactly the kind of path-breaking mission that defined Dr. Robert W Deutsch's long career. We are grateful for the Foundation's commitment to Baltimore and their deep and unwavering support for our mission."

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