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How do I know if my organization or project is eligible to receive a grant from The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation?

The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation funds innovative people, projects, and ideas based in Baltimore. We frequently offer seed funding for emerging projects and start-ups concerned with social justice, the arts, technology, digital equity, and independent media. We rarely fund institutions or well established organizations. We do not fund projects outside of the Baltimore region.

Do you make grants to individuals?

At this time, we cannot fund individuals, except for those working through a qualified fiscal sponsor.

How do you determine when to invest?

A critical point for investment is frequently in the early stages. We evaluate each project proposal to see if there is the potential for us to make a difference. Conversely, if you already know there will be a positive outcome to the project, our seed funding may not be necessary.

What is the best way to share my ideas and proposals with the Deutsch Foundation?

One immediate way to reach out is by filling out our contact form (link included). If you are a good fit, our team will conduct research on you and your project before reaching out and setting up a meeting. If you are an individual artist, you can apply for a Rubys Project Grant via the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance which operates with seed funding from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

Can one organization receive multiple grants?

Yes. We tend to work with our grantees in a personal and hands-on manner, frequently offering multi-stage grant funding as well as technical support, networking opportunities, and individually tailored strategies to help them grow to the next level. Our practice is to stay engaged with the people and projects we fund with the goal of helping them attract funding from other sources in the future.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

For questions, please email us at in addition to filling out our contact form.



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