Dance & Bmore builds upon the connectivity and healing properties of the arts. Their ensembles of musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists provide Forever Fit & Fun jam sessions for elders in Baltimore, FazaFam, which integrates games and playful movements for youth and families, and A.M.P. Camp, which teaches on- and off-stage production skills for youth in grades 3-8. 

In November 2010 CJay Philip founded Dance & Bmore and launched its first program, the Dance & Bmore Family Jam (later renamed FazaFam). Philip created the FazaFam program with the belief that meeting the needs of the whole family is key to fostering lasting change and positive memories that lead to better choices. Empowering parents with essential tools encourages their children’s creativity, activity, and healthy self-esteem.

Since 2011, the Dance & Bmore Ensemble of musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists have provided Forever Fit & Fun jam sessions at senior centers, adult day care, and Baltimore housing for the elderly. Today Dance & Bmore designs innovative multigenerational programs that seek to stimulate the imagination, encourage critical thinking, and build a sense of community and well being.

Baltimore youth participate in Dance & Bmore after school programs which use rhythmic music, movement, theater games, and community circles. Dance & Bmore’s latest Arts Mentorship Program (AMP), is designed to give youth, third grade and up, a diverse and well-rounded understanding of creative collaboration, safe space communication, and community engagement. AMP mentee's develop onstage and offstage skills, techniques, and language to produce performance pieces in community and facilitate post-show discussions around their work.

"Working with the Deutsch Foundation has expanded our impact and reach tremendously. Since we began with the Foundation in spring 2016, we have doubled our community programs and launched new youth programs that would not be possible were it not for the support and guidance we receive from the Foundation. We’ve been able to cultivate deeper relationships leading to opportunities to receive additional support for our family and elders arts programs." - CJay Phillip

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