The Motor House is a non-profit arts hub, performance space, incubator, gallery, creative learning place, and artistic community that encourages new visions, bold experiments, and emerging voices. It is housed in a three-story, 25,000 square foot building on North Avenue. 

Motor House is a place where old dividing lines disappear, new connections inspire, where Baltimore’s artists, performers, and those with emerging talents can build a diverse, inclusive community to create fresh opportunities. It is a cultural and economic catalyst, an engine for social and inventive action, a meeting ground for poets and policymakers, organizations and individuals, thinkers and doers who seek to transform our city.

The Motor House building started out as a storefront selling a horseless vehicle that would transform the early 20th century. Fast-forward to our present century and the building, called “Load of Fun,” was home to artist studios and performance spaces.

In 2013, the building was acquired by BARCO, a non-profit real estate development corporation that’s dedicated to providing affordable and sustainable spaces for Baltimore’s growing artistic community. Collaborating closely with an advisory committee of artists, curators, performers, arts educators, and art organization executives, BARCO has created a totally new concept for community arts development, engagement, and is making history.

Motor House includes a black box theater, The Showroom cafe and bar, artist studios, meeting spaces and offices for creative non-profit organizations, which all come together to build a more open context for an arts community. Motor House is a place where resident art-makers, local arts organizations, and visiting artists and performers can work and collaborate together without limits.

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