BARCO Receives Historic Preservation Award for Open Works

BARCO Receives Historic Preservation Award for Open Works

The Historic Baltimore Neighborhoods Award recognizes leadership by people or organizations in the preservation, revitalization, and enhancement of historic neighborhoods in Baltimore.

The Board of Directors of Baltimore Heritage, Inc. presented a 2017 Historic Preservation Award for Historic Baltimore Neighborhoods to Baltimore Arts Realty Corporation in recognition of exemplary revitalization in Station North with the redevelopment of Open Works.

More info about Baltimore Heritage, Inc.:

Founded in 1960, Baltimore Heritage, Inc. is Baltimore’s nonprofit historic and architectural preservation organization. With two staff members, 33 volunteer board members, and a host of volunteers, they work to preserve and promote Baltimore’s historic buildings and neighborhoods.

For BH Inc., historic preservation is about much more than saving old buildings. Baltimore Heritage and their partners celebrate the historic places that tell the stories of families, neighborhoods and the city as a whole. The stories behind the landmarks they fight for reflect the diversity of Baltimore’s community past and present including everyone from Jewish orphans to civil rights activists.

But historic preservation is about more than just stories. By promoting historic preservation, they are supporting neighborhood revitalization, stewardship of parks and open spaces, and increased sustainability. They promote historic preservation through advocacy, education and a wide range of projects and programs.