Addressing racial inequity

At the Deutsch Foundation, we bring a lens of racial equity—an understanding and acknowledgement of historical and ongoing racial inequities and a commitment to actions challenging those inequities—to our grant making, priority setting process, programming, and strategic planning.

Because of our commitment to a racially just and equitable Baltimore and beyond, we are working intentionally and collaboratively to:

  • Build pathways to increase access to financial and human capital among organizations and communities most affected by inequities, and to amplify those voices;

  • Foster ongoing dialogue through deep partnerships with anti-racist and anti-oppression practitioners to explore key concepts including cultural, structural, and institutional racism, white privelage, and racial equity, especially with regard to context of place.

Our commitment to racial equity requires ongoing reflection and action. We see emergence and adaptation as core to our approach as we encounter new perspectives and additional information; as such, this statement is "living" and will continue to evolve as we gain new understandings.

Focusing on Baltimore

The Deutsch Foundation is hyper-local. We focus on Baltimore because the money we distribute was made here, because the needs are massive, and because Baltimore has exciting potential. The city’s history as an entrepreneurial hub and its contributions as a creative leader are significant, but our former prominence in 19th and 20th century industry has been lost. Now that we are a 21st century city, we need to participate in a new, creative economy. The Deutsch Foundation sees its role as providing seed funding to create and sustain human capital—helping the inspiring change-makers here do what they do best.