The Rubys artist grants provide project-based funding for Baltimore-area artists for innovative work with significant impact. They were initiated by the Deutsch Foundation in 2012 to enable artists to remain in the region and produce their best work.

The Rubys began making grants in  2013 to provide project-based funding for individual artists. The vision of the program is to provide meaningful support to artists for the creation of new work and validate the notion of risk-taking in the arts. The Rubys offers grants of up to $10,000 to regional artists in all disciplines to support projects that will have impact for the artist and the community. To date, the Rubys, administered by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, have distributed nearly $570,000 to 77 artists.

"The Rubys grant was the first form of concrete support that I received on this film project. Before anyone saw a cut, before it was accepted into any festival, the Rubys had my back. The award allowed me to dedicate the necessary time to bring this project to fruition, and to make sure that I could sustainably do so by allowing myself a living wage during those crucial months of post-production. Without the Rubys Artist Project Grant, RAT FILM would simply not have been made."  - Theo Anthony, 2016 Rubys grantee in media arts

"What an honor it has been to be able to say I am a Rubys Artist Grant recipient. I don’t write easy, breezy stuff and to have my city stand behind my decision to explore what I explore—the killing of Black people by police and rape culture and homophobia—all those important, terrible, and controversial issues… It means something to me. A big something." - Andria Nacina Cole, 2016 Rubys grantee in literary arts  

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