RWD Social Design Fellowships

RWD Social Design Fellowships

The Deutsch Foundation Social Design Fellowship was launched in 2012 to award two graduates each year from MICA’s Social Design Master’s Degree program with resources to implement their thesis research for an additional year. In 2017, the Fellowship became independent of MICA but continues to support design in the social sector.  

The Center for Social Design utilizes design to address complex social problems, and prepares the next generation of creative changemakers. In 2014, MICA expanded the program by launching the Center for Social Design in a 4,000 square foot collaborative studio, classroom, and office space within the Lazarus Graduate Center, located in the heart of Baltimore’s emergent Station North Arts & Entertainment District. The Center for Social Design utilizes a human-centered and collaborative process to understand and define social problems, identify opportunities, generate ideas, and make tools that support positive change. Their goal is to shift relationships between people and between people and institutions. 

"Being a Deutsch Foundation Social Design Fellow gave me a foundation for building my professional pathway here in Baltimore. I was able to deepen existing relationships, identify new partners, and prototype new ideas." —Becky Slogeris, Associate Director, Center for Social Design, MICA

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