Investing in innovation.

From science to art, technology to music, education to social justice: whatever the project, our grantees aim to make an impact.

  • Allosphere at UC-Santa Barbara

    Imagine diagnosing a neurological disease by flying through the cortex of a human brain, examining data about brain activity presented beautifully through color and sound. Imagine creating transparent solar cells to power mobile devices by expanding our understanding of the multicenter hydrogen bond, using different hues and sounds to identify the various atoms.

  • Arts and Technology Policy Fellowship at Fractured Atlas

    The Robert W. Deutsch Arts & Technology Policy Fellowship at Fractured Atlas informs and engages the artistic community in federal policy discussions at the junction of communications, technology and the arts.

  • BioFab at UMCP

    Researchers at the University of Maryland are creating microscale living laboratories to investigate biochemical reaction pathways and biological nanofactories capable of initiating communications among bacteria in a major, multidisciplinary research program in biofabrication.

  • Chief Technology Officer at the BMA

    A new Chief Technology Officer position at the Baltimore Museum of Art was established to support increasing technology needs.


    BUGSS is a place for people from all walks of life to come learn about and practice biotechnology.

  • Code in the Schools

    Code in the Schools is a Baltimore nonprofit dedicated to teaching local youth computer coding in order to foster creativity and prepare them for an expanding job market.

  • Digital Harbor Foundation

    The DHF team, led by former public school teacher Andrew Coy, is tackling some of the most difficult problems in education while providing underrepresented youth concrete pathways into tech-related careers. Only a year old, it has already gained national recognition for its vision in the after-school community and education technology sector.

  • Future of Information Alliance

    Capitalizing on the exciting and challenging dynamic of the information age, the Alliance, under the leadership of University of Maryland, College Park, professors Ira Chinoy and Allison Druin—facilitates discussion, action and research on the college campus as well as in the world at large.

  • Imaging Research Center

    The IRC, based at UMBC, leverages new technologies and emerging media platforms to create meaningful connections between knowledge and people, and to transform the way people learn, work and communicate.

  • Ingenuity Project

    The Ingenuity Projects offers advanced math and science classes during the school day for academically gifted Baltimore City public school students.

  • Media Democracy Fund

    By partnering with foundations and grant makers aware of the importance of digital communications technologies to society's economic, political and civic health, the Media Democracy Fund protects and promotes free speech, equal opportunity, open access and the participation of diverse voices in our nation's affairs.

  • Open Works

    Open Works is a maker space for Baltimore’s creative endeavors. Housed in a newly renovated warehouse in Greenmount West, Open Works will create access through membership, workshops; friendly, expert staff; and classes for youth, adults, and families. Open Works will collaborate with artists, makers, and the parents and children of Baltimore in a new spirit of energy and invention within our community.