Social Work Community Outreach Service

The vision of the Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS) is to facilitate programs that would allow Baltimore to become socially and economically more robust through sustained university/community partnerships that foster civic-minded leadership and innovative community-engaged education, service, and research.

SWCOS serves the local Baltimore community through innovative programming that draws on the strengths of the professional schools on campus and the creativity and drive of the graduate students in the School of Social Work at University of Maryland, who work in the Baltimore community with organizations and residents in an effort to improve the well-being of the people of Baltimore.

The last 20 years were a time of rapid growth and development for SWCOS. Now, no longer a new organization, SWCOS staff, led by Wendy Shaia, is guiding the organization through its period of young adulthood. Shifting focus slightly, SWCOS is now concentrating their efforts in a few areas, versus stretching their resources across many platforms.

Over the next several years, SWCOS will also focus more of their attention on conducting research, using the University of Maryland as a resource.

SWCOS has also worked to integrate their programming to more effectively service the communities of Baltimore. SWCOS is involved in a community school in the Poppleton neighborhood, but they will also work closely with the parents and families outside of school in conjunction with the work with the students in school.

The Deutsch Foundation proudly supports SWCOS daily operating expenses as well as their diverse, socially conscious programming and vision for Baltimore.

Through their programming and outreach, the SWCOS staff have been able to engage citizens across the Baltimore, specifically in disadvantaged communities.

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