Media Democracy Fund

America's ongoing experiment with democracy has depended for over two hundred years on the rights of free speech, the vibrancy of a free press, access to information for all citizens and equal opportunity for all to be heard and to participate in public debates and forums

At a time when internet and mobile technologies are changing and challenging the basic building blocks of our society, open access to these technologies are critical matters of public policy. Equal participation by civic, nonprofit and public advocacy institutions in the communications media that are increasingly controlled by a few, very powerful corporations is a vital issue for our democracy

The Media Democracy Fund (MDF) exists to protect and promote free speech, equal opportunity, open access and the participation of diverse voices in the affairs of this nation. MDF carries out this mission by partnering with foundations and grant makers who are aware of the importance of digital communications technologies to the economic, political and civic health of our society.

MDF's staff continuously scan the digital communications landscape to identify emerging issues, bring attention to important policy debates, and identify leading practitioners who can educate funders and articulate both threats to and opportunities for the vibrancy and diversity of our public media.

The Robert W. Deutsch Foundation participates in MDF to benefit from this expertise and to leverage the foundation's grant making in this area through collaboration with other funders. The foundation's belief that a strong, free press protects the common good and public interest make the Media Democracy Fund an essential partner and valued collaborator.