Imaging Research Center

In 2001 Professor Dan Bailey, a senior faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts, recognized that the world was about to experience an explosion of innovation in digital communications and visualization technologies.

UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (IRC) was ideally positioned to explore these emerging digital and communications technologies. At the time, however, the IRC had funding for only a few students, one staff member and the director’s position. This team was sufficient to work on one project at a time, but hardly enough to reach the IRC’s full potential so Professor Bailey turned to the Deutsch Foundation for help.

Initial funds from the foundation allowed Professor Bailey to develop a strategic plan for the IRC as a roadmap to guide its development over the next five years. The plan provided a clear view of how to build a research program for exploring the new methods in digital imaging, image capture and display, and interactive web applications that were just over the horizon, not yet available commercially, but with tremendous potential to transform the way people learn, work and communicate.

The IRC needed more people with exciting ideas and the expertise to pursue this work. The next round of funding from the Deutsch Foundation supplied the seed capital for Professor Bailey to recruit and support these additional staff. His proposal outlined how new hires funded by the foundation would transition over to sustained research funding generated by the IRC as their new initiatives attracted grant support from other sources.

Over the next ten years, successive rounds of funding from the foundation have enabled Professor Bailey and his senior team, which includes Associate Director and experimental artist Lee Boot, to build a thriving research center, focused on a variety of interdisciplinary research projects, and serving the university and the regional economy.