Future of Information Alliance

Future of Information Alliance Directors Ira Chinoy and Allison Druin, both of whom are University Maryland College Park professors, sought to harness the exciting and challenging dynamic of the information age in service to the college campus, the workplace and the world at large.

As part of the yearly FIA-Deutsch Seed Grant Competition, the Foundation provides four grants to teams of students--both undergraduate and grads--who have the opportunity to work with organizations such as the Newseum, the National Park Service, Barrie School others in order to stimulate innovation and research as well as to further our knowledge and understanding of the role of information in our lives.

In addition to the Seed Grants, the Deutsch Foundation has also helped support a Visiting Futurist program, which began in 2011 with Dan Russell, Director of User Happiness at Google, as well as a "Future of the Past" event which was held in the Fall of 2013 in Baltimore, College Park and Washington, DC.

Please check out the FIA website, including the "Letter from the Directors," for more information on the program.

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