The Contemporary

The Contemporary operates without a permanent building or collection. Working with curators in Baltimore and beyond, the museum commissions site- and situation-specific art projects that challenge and engage Baltimore. Its goal is to remain nimble, responsive, thoughtful, and socially responsible. Collaborating with different organizations, individuals and institutions, the Contemporary offers dynamic programming tailored to artists and the general public.

Originally founded by MICA's George Ciscle, The Contemporary was as a nomadic institution seen as a place to have challenging and unexpected encounters with contemporary art.

It remained in that form until 1999, when it was renamed “The Contemporary Museum” and moved to a permanent home in downtown Baltimore. In 2012, the museum suspended operations only to re-establish itself as a nomadic institution once again in the winter of 2013, under the directorship of MICA grad, Deana Haggag.

The Contemporary is inspired by three guiding principles: artists matter, collaboration is key, and audience is everywhere.

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