BUGSS is a place for people from all walks of life to come learn about and practice biotechnology. We offer classes, access to tools and a community focused on using biotechnology to solve problems. We believe that biology is the fabrication technology of the future and work to forge connections between biology, art, engineering, and public policy.

BUGSS is located in a refurbished warehouse in East Baltimore. Our location is a bit off the beaten path but offers secure parking for evening and weekends.

BUGSS is focused on biology and we have a fully equipped wet lab for you to perform a wide variety of molecular biology and synthetic biology experiments. For the most part biology experiments are limited to BSL-1 organisms (see our safety resource pages for more information). In addition to biology lab equipment we also have a selection of 3D printers and are expanding our digital fabrication capabilities. Take a look at our equipment lists and pictures on our resource page.


BUGSS is A laboratory space for use by amateur, professional, and citizen scientists

BUGGS is place to learn and have fun with biotechnology in a safe and socially responsible manner

BUGSS is a place where scientific and artistic explorations in biotechnology intersect

BUGSS emphasizes understanding through DOING; a space where it is OK not to know

BUGSS offers support for the DIY and citizen scientist community

BUGSS provides a space where individuals can safely and afford ably investigate the living world

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