Artists U

Artists U is a grassroots, artist-run platform for changing the working conditions of artists. Their goals is to change the conversations artists have in our heads, with each other, and with the world.

Artists U pushes artists to build lives that are balanced, productive, and sustainable. They are skills-based, not need-based: they work to empower artists to create their lives and their art.

“Make Art. Don’t Starve. We don't give advice. We don't do things for you.”

Everything Artists U does is artist-to-artist and free for all participants. They started in Philadelphia and now work in Baltimore and South Carolina too (and sometimes in other places). They have two tools: group meetings and one-on-one planning sessions.

Andrew Simonet (Director) founded Artists U in Philadelphia in 2006. Collaborators include facilitators in Philadelphia, South Carolina, and in Baltimore with David Mitchell, Ashley Minner, and Maggie Villegas serving as facilitators.

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